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Privacy Policy

Our website address is: https://www.flagstaffpropane.com.

All customer information is confidential and kept within each individual office, both on file and in delivery system. Payment information is destroyed upon use unless given verbal permission from the account holder to retain for future payment. Payment information kept on file will be run on the date of posting delivery unless otherwise specified by the account holder.

Account holders that choose to keep payment information on file should maintain current information or will have finance charges, tank lock off, and even tank pick up if payment should not be rendered in a timely fashion. All customers that do not wish to have payment information retained on file must pay in a timely fashion or face the same aforementioned ramifications. Payments will incur finance charges 30 days after the date of delivery, tanks will be locked off on 90 days after the date of delivery, and tanks will be picked up from location 120 days after the date of delivery. Should the tank be customer owned service will be terminated 120 days after the date of delivery.

Should there be a hardship or complications of payment, please call your local office to work out payment arrangements.

Only the account holder will be allowed to make delivery requests when necessary. If one wishes to have multiple persons that can make delivery requests, please contact the office with new information or specify when first making the account.

Should the account be held on a will call basis it is the responsibility of the account holder to observe and regulate propane use accordingly. If the tank percentage gauge reach 20-30% it is highly advised to call your local office to make a delivery order. Should a will call account reach a 0% with 0 tank pressure there will be a Pressure Check/Test fee applied to the total delivery charge. Should a Same Day Delivery be needed there will be a Same Day Service fee applied to the total delivery charge. If it is an Out of Route delivery there will be an Out of Route Service fee applied to the total delivery charge. If a delivery is required on weekends, after hours, or on a federally recognized Holiday there will be an Off Service Hours Delivery fee applied to the total delivery charge.

Propane is an Extremely Flammable substance and should be treated with respect. Liquid and vapor are odorless and colorless, our product contains an odorant (unpleasant smell) ask your delivery person to let you smell propane and familiarize yourself with this odor. Mis-handling propane can lead to serious injury or even death. If you smell propane contact your local office immediately to let them know of a possible leak or low pressure in the tank. If propane can be smelled in your house do not use any form of ignition; be it stove, water heater, furnace, fireplace or lighter. Make sure that all forms of igniters are turned off until advised safe to do so. If propane is smelled within the residence or business location, remove all people and pets, do not re-enter the building. Only a trained professional is permitted to make repairs to the propane system to ensure safety. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE REPAIRS OR MODIFICATIONS TO YOUR SYSTEM. There is always a service technician on call in case of emergency 24 hrs.

John Graves Propane of Arizona Inc. is not liable for any consequences that may incur due to a lack of payment and therefore interruption or termination of service, or injuries from mis-handling propane and modifying your system.